Efficient Land Use Patterns

Kiley Ranch will minimize the reckless consumption of land associated with traditional suburban developments. The plan will emphasize walking within its borders to the commercial, recreational, employment and public activities and spaces.

Economic Sustainability

Kiley Ranch will be a truly modern live/work community with perfect balance between commerce and residential living. Kiley Ranch will draw reputable corporations and new expanding businesses seeking a prominent quality business center for development. By providing diverse choices of welcoming neighborhoods and premier amenities, the quality and character of the development will also attract a wide range of residents, outdoor enthusiast and employees.

Sense of Place

Kiley Ranch will organize natural movement between work and play by providing easy ranch like paths between the various activity centers. The integration of aesthetically pleasing gathering places with attractive amenities will foster effortless neighborhood interaction within every unique neighborhood.

Neighborhood Diversity

A New Urbanism/Suburban Eclectic: Kiley Ranch will provide through its partnership with innovative builders, several unique neighborhoods featuring housing designs to support every interest and lifestyle. The diversity of housing designs within Kiley Ranch will depart from popular uniform residential developments and create distinctive character and identity.